What's it all about, Annee?

After too long with this fable stuck in the editing mode, I am adopting the "just-do-it-already" attitude and putting my words out for general consumption.  Fishing for Chocolate is a project that began a number of years ago. It's the story of Jackie Connolly, a 50 year old divorcee, and what happens as she explores her new identity. It isn't completely autobiographical because it is informed by many women's experiences - particularly those who are reentering the dating world later in life.

The chapters are in three parts. Click on a chapter page, and you'll find links to each part. New chapter parts will be published about every two weeks. Sometimes they'll be posted in quicker succession; please check back regularly.

There are some people who have been privy to this project and they seem to think it has merit. Trusting their opinions, I hope you too enjoy the read.

Annee Millay

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